Hiyas..I'm Paisley and I'm an Intuitive Witch. I've been a follower of Hecate since I was in my teens. She has been there for so many heartaches and blessings. She is the Mother that I've needed. I'm also called by Cernunnos. If you think the Gods don't talk to us....well, apparently you aren't listening. (Yup, a story there for another day)

I have a YouTube show and recently launched this website. I'm a mom & a grammy. My husband is an Odinist... apparently I'm a bad influence 😉. We live in rural north Idaho and can't imagine living anywhere else. I've 2 cats, a dog, and 11 chickens. My husband knows that there are llamas and ponies in our future but is in denial. 😉 lol


I'm currently writing a beginner's book for Pagans & Witches. It started out as a children's book, but over time it seems to have taken on a few adult concepts. They aren't racy or beyond PG13, more that they talk about acceptance of that which is misunderstood. But, perhaps that is a message our children NEED to hear starting at a young age. Should you order the book and read it, I would love your feedback! I'm hoping to have it released for print by July 1, 2021. Sooner would be grand, but we shall see what the Goddess has in mind. 

My videos started as a personal outlet to share my thoughts and ideas as I journeyed along my Pagan Path. Gradually over time, it has turned into my own online community. I use state-of-the-art technology to edit my work, but I believe that good storytelling is the most important ingredient at the core of creating engaging videos.

I’m proud of the growing community of users who visit my site, offer their feedback and suggest future collaborations. If you’d like to join or discuss working together, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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