Terms of Use

Paisley's Expectations:

Hello my lovelies! 

Welcome to the website and thank you for stopping by! I want to make sure that everyone here understands my expectations while participating in any of the groups or chat rooms. 

  1. No hate speech. 

    • This is hate of any kind, regardless of color, creed, belief, religion, orientation, etc.​​

  2. No sales.​

    • If you want to sell something, contact me directly or find a different platform.​

  3. No promotion of other pages or sites.​

    • If you want to self promote, please let me know. There is a page just for that.​

  4. Privacy.​

    • If someone is here under a pseudonym or AKA, do NOT out them with a real name.​​

  5. Keep it clean.​​

    • I understand that life is not always Sunshine and Rainbows. However, this does not mean you need to wallow in negativity. This page is open to all ages. Swearing is unnecessary. ​​

  6. If you have any questions or concerns, email Paisley directly (wildepaisley@gmail.com).​​

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